S10 caltrac installation


images s10 caltrac installation

Remove rear wheels. I had a machine shop perform this step and ran into some complications, as the Belltech lowering leaf I run has an eyelet inner diameter of 1. Support vehicle and axle by jack stands. Re: How-To: Calvert Racing Caltrac Traction Bar Installation the essentially prevent the leafs from wrapping on takeoff, which is what makes our trucks wheelhop. This will give you a slight gap on the drivers side when the nickle is removed. Slo86gt isn't that a pic of your truck on the caltracs website? All content copyright Nation. On my way to work yesterday, I layed into it and did a nice BIG smokey burnout on a not so good piece of road

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    Installing the CALTRACS is very straightforward. Raise and support the car high enough to remove the rear tires. Allow adequate working space. Next, the rear. Thank you for purchasing the CalTracs System! This system guide in installing your system to your truck.

    images s10 caltrac installation

    Please read all instructions before installing. Enjoy!. How to Install Calvert Racing.

    CalTracs Traction Bars. or questions@ Each of the two assemblies needed is comprised of.
    The rear shot shows in detail the rear mount plate, which are stock rear plates with mounts for the tie rod welded up and powder coated to a very pretty finish. Yeah thats Jody's truck!

    images s10 caltrac installation

    This will give you a slight gap on the drivers side when the nickle is removed. User Tag List. Leafs will need to have the front factory rubber bushings and sleeves removed.

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    images s10 caltrac installation
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    Best time9. This is the adjustment procedure I wrote to be included with the Dagger bars Reinstall front and rear leaf spring bolts.

    Originally Posted by Radarmy LinkBack URL. The set up is; Narrowed 8.

    I'll have to dig up my installation instruction on the Cal-Trac's I put on the '71 GMCbut if I remember right there isn't suppose to be any gap, it is.

    Caltracs installation instructions

    Calvert Racing's CalTracs are the most innovative traction bar units today, often imitated, but never duplicated. CalTracs Installation Guide Standard. We manufacture and distribute the world famous Caltracs traction bars, Split- Mono Leaf spring kits as well as CR Series 9 Way Adj Rear Shocks.

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    All Garages. Be sure to setup a good time before hand so that your truck is down for a minimum amount of time. I suggest putting this bolt back in head side out in order to avoid this hassle in the future.

    How To Calvert Racing Caltrac Traction Bar Installation Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon Forum

    On this Front Pivot Assembly, there is a very strong spherical bushing equipped tie rod end, and the large aluminum part you see is the Front Eyelet Bushing Kit that must be pressed into the eyelet of the leaf spring. Thread Tools. Remove front and rear leaf spring mount bolts.

    images s10 caltrac installation
    S10 caltrac installation
    Thread Tools.

    Smilies are On. Rotate the driver's side transfer bar until the spring pressure tube makes contact with the top of the leaf spring.

    Originally Posted by Skizzo. If you really want to go the cheap route and cut springs I knew a lady like that who liked eatting her pizza with jizz.

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    1. Smilies are On. Make one pass on the system, re-check all hardware, and repeat the pre-load adjustment procedure if necessary.

    2. They are notorious for giving "we-don't-really-want-to-do-this-for-you prices" that are extraordinary!!!