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When Piccolo arrives, he finds a battle in progress between Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta who had rebelled against Friezawith Dende supporting them, against Frieza. In a filler episode in the anime, when both of them are forced by Goku's wife Chi-Chi to go to driving school, Piccolo wears an old outfit of Goku's, which he despised wearing. This was shown during his battle with Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournamentwhere he shows almost no mercy for his opponent, breaking all of Goku's limbs while laughing sadistically, believing it was necessary after what Goku had done to his father. Satan and Piccolo picked him up, seeing in him the beginnings of a true hero. He also trains Goku's first child Gohan in martial arts, with the two forming a strong bond. It was part of his plan though and once Gotenks appeared, he sprung his trap to absorb him for his power and also Piccolo for his intelligence. Gohan carried Piccolo off of the battlefield as Goku and Frieza clashed on the dying Planet Namek, with the former emerging as the victor. Main article: Universe Survival Saga. The alien responds directly to Piccolo's thoughts, telling him that he'll find out soon enough and that for now they should just enjoy the fight. After two hours and forty-five minutes of traveling, they arrive on the Nameless Planet.


  • According to Grand Elder Guru, Piccolo, along with Kami and King Piccolo, are part of the Dragon Clan, who were the original creators of the Dragon Balls. Piccolo (Japanese: ピッコロ, Hepburn: Pikkoro) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. He is first seen as the.

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    topic. Piccolo (Dragon Ball). Piccolo (Japanese: ピッコロ Hepburn: Pikkoro) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.
    Piccolo then lauded Vegeta on hitting Cell in an honorable move, but the latter just tells Piccolo to get lost.

    Thanks to the Warrior's efforts the Tournament with Universe 6 ends in a victory for Universe 7 like in the original timeline. Piccolo scolds the young fused warrior for disobeying.


    After Dabura is later killed by an awakened Majin Buu, Piccolo returns to normal, but was in pieces due to have been accidentally shattered by Trunks while he was turned into stone. Piccolo has also shown traits of pragmatism, teaming up with his archrival Goku and later the rest of the Z Fighters when the threat of the Saiyans proves to be too much for him alone, citing the aliens' defeat as a shared goal. Vegeta and Android 19 then battle, with Vegeta revealing his ability to go Super Saiyan, and destroying 19 after confirming his ability to drain energy using the jewels embedded in his palms.

    He and the others see Goku Black's appearances and watches the fight between Goku and Black.

    images maremmano piccolo dragon
    Maremmano piccolo dragon
    When Chiaotzu prepares to self destruct while holding Nappa, Piccolo orders Gohan to watch Chiaotzu's sacrifice, and then proceeds to compliment Chiaotzu by saying Chiaotzu has won his respect for his sacrifice to take down a powerful enemy.

    images maremmano piccolo dragon

    Like his father, Piccolo was a challenging opponent for Goku, who barely managed to defeat him with a flying headbutt. Once they arrive, the written test, requested by Vegetais ready to commence.

    images maremmano piccolo dragon

    Piccolo senses Damon 's energy and tries to knock him out of the arena, however Piccolo is tricked by Damon and knocked out of the arena. Gotenks wastes a large amount of time demonstrating his speed by flying around the world dozens of times and even taking a nap whilst waiting for Piccolo to catch up, only seeking Majin Buu when there's one minute left in the thirty minute Fusion time limit.

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    The alien responds directly to Piccolo's thoughts, telling him that he'll find out soon enough and that for now they should just enjoy the fight. In the dust, Piccolo finds one of Prum's spheres. Piccolo then takes a shot that was meant for Gohan, this time, both of his arms are shot off, however Piccolo regenerates once again.

    images maremmano piccolo dragon

    Later in the battle, when Nappa attempts to finish off Krillin with a final blast, Piccolo saves him just in time with a small hand blast launched at Nappa's back.

    October 16, With tears in his eyes, Piccolo bids farewell to Gohan, whom he admits made him soft and is the only person to ever call him friend.

    images maremmano piccolo dragon
    To which, upon learning of Frieza 's genocidal attack on the Namekians, Piccolo was determined to fight Frieza and avenge his people, even when King Kai warned him of the danger Frieza's might possesses.

    Krillin even managed to score a hit, but missed Piccolo using a Kamehameha blast, as Piccolo had used an afterimage trick, and managed to knock Krillin back to the ground.

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    Piccolo continues to watch the Tournament of Power from the bench. After landing it, he let Krillin, Oolong, Master Roshi, and the surviving Shamoian Slaves leave with it to escape from the doomed planet.

    When the Fusion works properly, he finds an entirely new challenge in trying to install some discipline and control in the extremely powerful, and equally arrogant, Gotenks. Piccolo, fully enraged, roars at them to get going and pick a name, upon which the fusion decides upon " Gogeta " and uses Instant Transmission to return to face off against Broly. However, it is later revealed that he is a member of an extraterrestrial humanoid species called Namekians, those able to create the series' eponymous wish-granting Dragon Balls.

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    1. October 8, When the picking the tournament fighters' places, Piccolo, along with Dende, over hears Goku claim Uub as the reincarnation of Majin Buu.

    2. Piccolo enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and, although becoming significantly stronger, is still nowhere near powerful enough to challenge Perfect Cell. He fires Special Beam Cannon at Baby but his attack is missed, he is quickly blasted by the possessed Super Saiyan Gohan's Kamehameha, but survives the attack.

    3. While waiting, he explains to Videl how Super Buu knows about her father and his achievement of taming Mr.