Agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36


images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36

Lighter skin tone with direct flash. Ilford acquired an equity interest in Valca inresulting in technical co-operation and Valca acting as Ilford distributors in Spain. Highly suited for low light photography, this film is appropriate to indoor and nighttime sports as well as nightfall illuminated and available light photography RSP. USA: Diamandis Communications inc. The company was purchased in by the 3M corporation USA to become Ferrania 3M and made photographic film sold under the 'Scotch' brand. Also sold individually by retailers as a budget film.

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  • images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36

    The Agfaphoto CT Precisa is a 35mm slide film, daylight film like the Chrome RSX was substituted by the new round logo of “Agfaphoto”.

    : AgfaPhoto 5C3WD CT precisa /36 Film: Photographic Film Lomography 35 mm /36 ISO Fine Color Negative Film - 3 Rolls in a Pack (Red).

    AgfaPhoto CTprecisa Color Transparency Film /3 B&H

    KODAK Elite Chrome Film for Color Slides for 35mm Camera. Buy AgfaPhoto Chrome CT Precisa Camera Film 36 Photos Pack of 6 at Amazon UK. Kodak Professional Ektar /36 Colour Negative Film.
    Kodacolor Gold March Originally called digibase CN pro. Formats: 4"x5", 5"x7", 8"x10", and 11"x14" sheets, long rolls [58] [59]. General purpose daylight-balanced color transparency film with natural colours including skin tones, colors, and neutrals.

    Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Dupont the owners of the ADOX brand sold the recipes and 'dip and dunk' machinery of their film but not the brand name to Fotokemika in Croatia in the s who continued to produce the films according to the s ADOX formulas under the Efke brand.

    Agfa CT Precisa Photography Forums

    images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36
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    Uses Kodak's color amplifying and T-grain technology EB.

    Japanese market version, Venus remained on sale for a further 3 years.

    images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36

    First Agfa ISO consumer color negative film. Gloss or Silk finish.

    images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36

    Photographic films for still cameras that are currently available are in the List of photographic films. Sheet film 4x5", 8x10" 'P' base. Launched at Photo Marking Association in with improvements in color intensity, accuracy, and edge definition along with enhanced pushability.

    Precisa is a good substitute for Elite Chrome.

    AgfaPhoto CT Precisa Review – carlos garcia

    I've used the current AgfaPhoto CT Precisa slide film, which is indeed made by Fuji now. Results 1 - 48 of Agfa Photo CT Precisa 35mm 36 Exp Agfachrome Color AGFA CHROME RS + Agfa Scala b&w SLIDE film- NOS.

    2 Rolls Agfa APX 36 Exposure Pro Black and White Negative 35mm Film. KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E Chrome. Bold Color. Vivid Detail. AgfaPHOTO CT precisa 35mm 36 exposures. Content 1 piece.

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    From €.
    Colour films were supplied by other manufacturers, and packaged into Forte branding. Originally Konica film and paper was sold under the brand name of "Sakura" meaning Cherry Blossom in English. Below, re-framing and changing a bit shadows, blacks and contrast. Retrieved 20 February Probably very suitable for street or portraits, and skintones are inoffensive.

    Production ended Very Fine grain film for portraiture and close-up work with electronic flash, and for commercial, industrial, and scientific applications.

    images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36
    This film rivals directly with the Fujifilm Provia Fbut depending on the store, but generally presents a higher price tag.

    General purpose consumer colour film. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Those massive slides would be amazing! Ortho-panchromatic classic s style single layer emulsion.

    Daylight-balanced color transparency film featuring the highest color saturation available in a speed consumer slide film, delivering extra bright colors particularly for nature and scenic photos EBX [69].

    Colour films were supplied by other manufacturers, and packaged into Forte branding.

    All the still camera films on this page have either been discontinued, have been updated or the.

    Initially both companies produced films under the AGFA brand with the same . AGFA, Chrome CT, T,E-6, Slide, General purpose. AGFA PHOTO, CT Precisa (new),T,E-6, Slide. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 10 Boxes AGFA Ct Precisa 35mm Colour Slide Films 36 Exposures Expired LOMO at the. 18 items Find agfa ct precisa from a vast selection of Cameras & Photography.

    Pellicola 35mm Rullino Diapositive Dia Agfa Chrome CT Precisa
    The agreement lasted until when Ilford sold its shares. Also sold under Perutz brand. However, inthe consumer imaging division was sold to a company founded via management buyout. Natura the Japanese market version continued on sale, parallel import elsewhere.

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    Natura discontinued Octstock lasted on sale to mid Ferrania was an Italian filmmaker based in Ferrania LiguriaItaly founded in as a maker of photographic film, papers, and photographic equipment, including cameras.

    images agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36
    Agfaphoto chrome ct precisa 100-36
    For correct rendering a pale yellow filter was required in daylight and a pale green in half-watt illumination.

    Professional-quality, medium-speed, tungsten-type color reversal film with natural color reproduction for product photography, interiors and for reproducing illustrations and paintings RTPIII?

    This film was essentially the same as HP3. I found that there is a suprising degree of detail in shadows and highlights more in shadows and little grain.


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